Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Obama Bag Mini Series

Obama Bag Story - Part 1
lynda zamora of armando javier design

So this is a story about a Mother – Son company called Armando Javier Design. Who like every other small company is ALWAYS looking to find the right item that appeals to the right woman, for the right price.

Sometime over the summer I came up with this idea to transfer newspaper headlines to one of my popular clutches. Well, it sold pretty quickly. I thought to myself, ‘hey make one of those again’ I never got around to it.

Well the election happened. This guy Barack Obama, he made history. A couple of days later, I get the idea again: Hey why not try that newspaper transfer idea with Barack Obama’s news headlines.

I made eight that week. Within one hour, I sold all of them to a boutique in Florida. Yes they have the first set of signed and numbered Obama Bags.

WOA. I thought I am on to something here. So I made some more. I showed them to my friends. Again, I sold them all.

WOA. Pretty soon I became the Obama Bag Girl. I could not keep up with demand.

Amongst many other places, I have sent many to England and Canada, one to Australia and one to Japan! I sent one to Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Birmingham. Etsy is good for it's world wide appeal.

I sent one to Oprah. I got it back in the mail so fast, (within a week) my head spun. I sold it that night. So wasn’t too bummed out about the rejection!

Later that week, I get an email from the Style Writer at the Washington Post Express. They would like a bag for photography. They are doing a piece on unique Obama items the week of the 11th.

WOW. So I send it. WOW

Last week I get a call from Ebony Magazine. They would like some bags for photography as well. I was so excited, that I sent the bags with no note as to who to return them back too.

OOPSIE. I will write them a note this week, correcting that error.

I think I should send one to Joy Behar on the View. She would like my bag. I know she would.

There is more to write about this story, but I must get back to work. I don’t know whether to make 100 bags or 1000. I think maybe I will shoot for 150. Getting back to work now.

Now I know 7 hides makes about 100 bags. Phew….its was work getting that leather in the house to cut up. Poor Mando, he asks me if there is any leather to make his wristbands.

BOATLOADS Mando, BOATLOADS!!!!! maybe we should make some Obama wristbands...oooo now there is a thought

More later.


Shannon Ritscher said...

Oooh, I'm riveted. I can't wait for Part II!

Leatherwebee said...

Yes I can hardly wait either for Part 2. It's one of thoes things
you dream about happening to your

Sewlutions' World said...
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Urban Heirlooms said...

What a great Part 1! I'm grinning from ear to ear reading this, eager for Part 2 of the miniseries. Yes, we are so proud of you, girl! This is really good stuff.

Easily Suede said...

Wow indeed! I'm rooting for you AJD, I think your bags are incredibly gorgeous. Can't wait for Part 2 (and 3, 4, 5........)

tara said...

aw, Oprah doesn't know what she's missing! Great story, AJD!

Noemi said...

That is an amazing story, and I think it is so cool it happened to someone I know. I'm looking forward to part 2 as well.



seriously! congrats, thats awesme!

Jenn-LFtA said...

Wow, wow, wow! That is incredible. Congrats on your success and I can't wait to hear and see more!

Sewlutions' World said...

Lynda your story is a very inspirational one. We are so happy for you. You are one of the nicest person I've never met. Hopefully one day soon we wil meet.

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

I love this purse and I am even more in love with the story. can't wait for part II. And I am so honored to be the first DC boutique carrying this line!!! love em!!!

SleightGirl said...

That is so cool! It really is an awesome bag and congrats on all the sales of it!

Easily Suede said...

My Obama bag arrived this morning - it is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to use it. It really is gorgeous and you all should get one! Thanks AJD!

beauxu said...


Harlem Loves... said...

It's great to learn the story behind the piece. Especially the innovation of the newspaper print on leather. I look forward to part 2 x


How great is that!?! Congrats! I've been eyeballing it myself for a while but I have yet to actually purchase. It might happen sooner than I think!

Dana Seilhan said...

Your bags are beautiful. I am so happy for you. It's true, it IS what every artist dreams about happening to their artwork. Congratulations!

Tom Banwell said...

I love happy stories, especially regarding leather. Congrats!