Monday, July 27, 2009

The Party Theory

I call it the ‘party theory’ . For every party I go to, I get invited to two more, and so on, and so on. Well, ever since the Obama Makes History Bag project has taken off, I don’t get to go to parties much. Instead I find myself doing small art shows and then getting invited to other shows. Thus, I call it the ‘party theory’.

I met this Rhonda Bogan of Mocha Readers in Dayton Ohio. We met through some mutual friends at the Women of Color Foundation seminar here in Ohio where I was a guest speaker. So was Rhonda, she is quite the ‘smart ‘ business woman and knows no strangers. Because of her, I get so many orders from Dayton. Eventually she will ‘rep’ my bags when she gets around to it.

Lately I am meeting a lot of women like that, workin’ workin’ workin’ networkin’ and promotin’ I like this crowd!

Well she flies to Atlanta this weekend with her husband to participate in Hank Stewarts White Linen Affair. She had a blast and met a Chef who has a TV show in Atlanta…his name is? Jeez I can’t remember his name, but he just released a cook book, something about turning up the heat?

He wants me to make him a custom Obama bag for his laptop. Cool. Funny, I can’t cook anything. I mean the weekends when my son is with his father, my stove top gets dusted off, not cleaned from use.

I guess I will always live like a college girl. Open that fridge door and what do I find? LOTS of condiments that I never use, a half a bottle of white, probably a sauvignon blanc, a bag of salad, and a bottled water. So I find it amusing that an accomplished chef wants me to make a bag for him. Maybe he could teach me to cook. Nah….lost cause I am. Anyway check out this fundraiser….I think I will attend next year. By the way that Chef, he ain’t too bad looking.